Year 8


Welcome to Year 8. This is an important year for you and your child, as they are no longer ‘new’, but are established members of the Oak Academy community, looking forward to building on their successes in year 7. It is a year where our expectations are even higher as the students begin to grow up and take more responsibility for their learning and their own progress through the Academy. Achievement and results from this year will to some extent dictate their future route through the Academy and it is important that everyone works hard together to achieve the highest standards possible.

Organisation and Staffing

In Year 8 students are organised into tutor groups in order to look after their needs in terms of personal and social development, as well as academic progress. Your child’s Personal Tutor will be your first point of contact should you have any concerns about how your child is settling at Oak Academy.

The Personal Tutors for Year 8 are:

  • Miss L Weir
  • Miss C Gover
  • Mr A Gallacher
  • Miss S Curtis

Other staff who will be involved in caring for and supporting your child are:

  • Key Stage 3 Vice Principal - Mrs E Biles
  • Year 8 Year Leader - Mrs C Dobson (01202 022085)
  • Key Stage 3 Manager – Mrs S Newman (01202 022085)
    Mrs Newman looks after the day-to-day student welfare and should be contacted should your child be too ill to attend school.
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – Mr S Linsley (01202 774612)
    Mr Linsley has an overview of all the students in Year 8 with special educational needs and deals with situations where students require additional intervention and support.
  • Curriculum Area Leaders – these teachers can be contacted by phoning the main switchboard on 01202 774600 if you have any concerns about your child’s learning in a specific subject.
Art Mrs L Hart
English Miss M Bower
Humanities Mr D Collins
ICT Mr M Britland
Maths Ms K Price
MFL Miss K Trott
Music Miss T Dulston
PE Mr M Pretty
Performing Arts Miss T Dulston
Science Mr F Hampson