Quality First Teaching — In Class Support

High quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised will meet the individual needs of the majority of students. The quality of teaching for students and the progress made by students, is a core part of the Academy’s teaching and learning standards. You can find the Academies differentiation branded poster that is in every classroom and that is used by teachers to underpin their practice at the end of this document. 

This is high quality teaching – differentiating for individual students is the first step in responding to students who have or may have SEND. Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of the students in their class, including where students access support from IA’s (Inclusion Assistants / Teaching Assistants) or additional interventions.

When planning, teachers will set high expectations and provide opportunities for all students to achieve.

Teachers will take account of student additional requirements and make provision, where necessary, to support individuals.

Where needed additional support maybe provided in class by Inclusion Assistants (Teaching Assistants).

Teachers will use strategies identified on the Student Information Passports to help with differentiation and teaching.

Differentiation is at the heart of outstanding classroom practice


Display key words

Create key word banks / cards / table mats

Use connective sheets

Have dictionaries and thesaurus to hand



Support students by scaffolding their sentences

Provide sentence starters / structures

Give out mini white boards/ scrap paper

Provide visual organisers

Use model answers



Vary your questioning using Blooms Taxonomy

Check understanding periodically using questioning.

Allow students thinking time: THINK PAIR SHARE

Engage all learners through random name generators.



Double check that your resources are legible for all students

Use a clear font and a suitable size

Provide colour overlays or print outs for those who need them

Print text on pale coloured paper



Speak to and give specific direction to the IA who is in the classroom

Read the individual student’s SIP

Build relationships with students, find out what helps them

Provide students with a choice of their output

Praise and reward for effort and resilience