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JP Morgan Open Door Events

During the Spring and Summer Term our students has participated in two JP Morgan Open Door events.

During these occasions the students worked with young people from other schools to complete challenges which tested a variety of skills such as communication, adaptability, teamwork and the use of initiative.

Students found these events very informative, as they found out more about JP Morgan as a company, what diverse roles and opportunities there are to work within the finance industry and how to access these.

The activities were fun and they showed us how to work as a team, developing our team skills. We were shown what it was like to work in such a big company and how people have to cooperate in such an environment in order to make it successful. This event let me experience new things, by pushing me out of my comfort zone and helped me learn more about myself. Yr12 student


Houses of Parliament and Politics Conference

During the Autumn Term our students were fortunate enough to attend a conference at Westminster Central Hall as well as a ‘Voting and Participation’ workshop at the Houses of Parliament. 

Students listened to key members of the UK political system speak on issues affecting the country. This year speakers included John Bercow – House of Commons Speaker, Natalie Bennett – Leader of Green Party, Andy Burnham – Labour MP and Tim Farron – Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Whilst visiting the Houses of Parliament, met with Conor Burns MP and  students were able to sit and hear debate in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, which was very exciting!

Attending this conference and the workshop provided students with an improved knowledge and understanding of the British political system, current issues of debate and the importance of participation.


Rocking Success!

This year the Oak Academy LeAF Campus Rock Challenge Team has been working really hard to produce the best possible performance and we are thrilled that they are Southern Premier Champions again for the second year. Progressing onto the Nationals in Milton Keynes was a huge achievement and we are so proud of them. 


The Oak Academy LeAF Campus Rock Challenge Stage Crew, comprised of Oak Sixth Formers, did an amazing job and we are delighted for them as they won the Award of Excellence for Stage Crew at both the Southern Premier Finals and the Nationals.



Piers Anderson - Executive Principal Award KS5

Piers has been an excellent Lead Ambassador, getting involved in everything and representing the Sixth Form and Academy well. Piers’ attendance is 100% and his Progress Reports throughout the year have been very positive. Piers works very hard and tries his best, he has really come out of his shell since starting here in 2013. Not only has Piers integrated well, making friends and becoming an invaluable member of the Sixth Form, the academic progress & achievement he has made is great to see; he will do very well at university which is his intended destination. Piers is an active and enthusiastic member of the 130 Bournemouth Air Cadets and has been given a Gliding Scholarship, which he has already completed, learning to fly Gliders;  We can look forward to seeing Piers as a top RAF Officer one day. He is an excellent role model; true to himself, polite, friendly, helpful and reliable. 

Qavi Khan – Vice Principal Award KS5

Qavi has excellent attendance and works really hard. He has stayed for a third year and is trying really hard to achieve his best so he can go to Swansea University. Although not an Ambassador he has joined in the various visits from Conor Burns MP, Lord Eden and Earl Attlee, as well as being a fantastic Buddy for the visiting Japanese Students. Qavi always has an excellent Progress Report, being above targets and with mainly 1s across the board.

Laila Clark – KS5 Leader Award

Laila is a kind, generous young lady, who is very conscientious and works hard, always trying to better her best and achieve more. Laila is excellent attendance and always positive Progress Reports. The Science Department describes Laila as follows:

“Just a model student in every way. She has all the skills needed to be successful. She is self-motivating, working tirelessly at her end goal, and equally important she is resilient. She has taken many a hit along the way in Science, not always achieving what she was capable of or what she deserved but every time, after the tears, has come an even greater fight that has seen her go on to achieve. One word AMAZING!!”

Laila was brilliant with the Japanese students whom we welcomed into Sixth Form in March, being their buddy – accepting the request to be one with great enthusiasm. She got involved in all their workshops and even bought her group a present each for when they left.  Laila is always friendly and polite, she helps with any task requested and always does so with a smile. She is an excellent representative of Sixth Form and a credit to our Academy.

Also nominated and worthy of special recognition for their contribution to Sixth Form and their progress this year were: Jacquelyn Jenkins, Taylor Marshall, Lewis Sheppard

Election Time

Sixth Form has been taking a keen interest in this year’s General Election, with many of our students eligible to vote for the first time. A series of workshops were attended by students to learn more about democracy different types of voting systems and the importance of active participation.

In March, we were delighted to welcome Earl Attlee, grandson of Clement Attlee who was the leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister 1945-51 and whom presided over the introduction of the National Health Service. Earl Attlee, a Hereditary Peer and member of the Conservative Party, spoke passionately on the functions and importance of the House of Lords and its role within the UK Parliamentary System as well as holding an informative and entertaining Q&A session with our students.

In April, Lord Eden of Winton and Conor Burns MP visited Sixth Form, celebrating Lord Eden’s 60 years in parliament; 29years as an MP for Bournemouth West, and then 31 years as a Life Peer in the House of Lords. Our students found Lord Eden’s account of his time in British politics fascinating:

“Taking part in the workshops and meeting the politicians was really interesting. As I was voting for the first time this year I really appreciated learning more about our political system” Matt, Yr14

We are looking forward to the forthcoming Autumn Term, when our students will be visiting the Houses of Parliament for a tour and more workshops; developing their understanding of the UK political system. 

Gladiator Challenge

Oak Sixth Formers recently scaled the high ropes course at Butcher’s Coppice. Every student conquered their fears and reached the top!

Harry Potter Mania

During Activities Week Oak Sixth Form were lucky enough to visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studios in London.

It was an exciting day, where we practised casting spells, caught the Knight Bus and took a ride in Mr Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia as well as visiting the legendary ‘Ollivanders.’

Learning about the special effects, seeing the equisitely finished costumes, and the intricately designed and made set pieces was amazing – Hogwarts Castle is breathtaking and being able to stand and marvel at the grandeur of the Great Hall was a truly special experience.




This Way Up!

This year, students studied a unique programme for KS5 students, delivered by Bright Green Enterprise. The programme, entitled This Way Up looks at the different roles that community, charity and industry play in shaping International Development and challenged students to practise becoming international change-makers. Students worked in small teams, developing an in-depth understanding of the International Development sector and Global Citizenship, which is vital in the modern world.

Team Building with JP Morgan

JP Morgan came in to run some team building and employability workshops. We found out that the skills and qualifications we need to join such a big successful company are the skills we obtain through our education. The exercises they gave us made us grow in confidence and become better communicators; I enjoyed every moment.

Shannon, Sixth Form student





 MP for a Day

On 19 September 2013, a group of Sixth Form students were lucky enough to be invited to the Houses of Parliament for a workshop called eMPathise. They got the chance to tour the Palaces of Westminster and then role play as members of the Government and Opposition in the House of Commons. Students also used the visit to London as a chance to ride the London Eye and visit Westminster Abbey.

Going to the Houses of Parliament was fun; I found the tour really interesting as I learnt a lot about the history behind the buildings and our Parliament.

Reece, Sixth Form student

Macmillan Cancer Support Cake Sale

At Oak Sixth Form, we like to help others whenever we can, so we held a cake sale to contribute to the Macmillan Coffee Morning 2013. We had lots of fun baking yummy cakes, brownies and cookies which we then sold to all of the students and staff at Oak Academy raising £285.86 for this excellent cause.





Induction Event

Every academic year brings with it new opportunities and new students. Here at Oak Sixth Form we like to encourage all of our students to get to know one another and to discover new experiences throughout Induction Event.

This year, we went to London. Turtles, sharks and penguins awaited us at the London Aquarium; it was a beautiful day and so we also got to experience the street entertainers in Jubilee Park as we picnicked beneath the London Eye. 

In the afternoon, we visited Madame Tussauds and were amazed at how lifelike the statues were; we felt like we had met our heroes for real!

Thorpe Park was our destination on day 2 of the Induction Event and it was great fun! We all got thoroughly soaked on Tidal Wave and screamed at the top of our lungs as we rode Nemesis Inferno, Colossus and Rush!


Induction Days

Oak Sixth Form started off the 2014/15 academic year in style with our annual Induction trip. This year we went to Thorpe Park and to the Warner Bros Studio at Levesden to see the sets of the Harry Potter films.

Both days were really enjoyable and were a great way for students to get to know each other and have some fun. 





Bulgaria Trip

The week before half term, I went on the trip of a life time to Bulgaria with 12 others to work with some amazing adults and children. It was a week of incredible new experiences.

We taught lessons in a school to children of varying ages, ability and a mix of Roma and Bulgarian children. We taught a variety of subjects and topics including English, 'About the Body', Geography, Maths including shapes and even did some P.E too! We also worked with younger children in a kindergarten where we did less educational activities and got to find out more about the differences in the education systems.

We spent an eye-opening afternoon in a residential home (what we would call an orphanage) talking to the children about their lives and showing them that there are other people who care for them; this was a very emotional experience.

This week gave us all an opportunity to find out more about another countries culture and history, by talking to people who live there, going to a museum and visiting the ruins of the old Roman city there. We also had the opportunity to take part in their cultural traditions in the form of a traditional Bulgarian dancing lesson. 

This amazing trip gave me the chance to get to know people that I wouldn’t usually get the chance to mix with both from Bulgaria and other people from school that I wouldn’t have usually thought about talking to before. It has given me a lot of things to think about and thoughts that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Taylor, Year 13 student

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Spookily Good Fun!

Oak Ambassadors held a Halloween Party for Sixth Form and it was fantastic fun!

The Sixth Form Centre was decorated in true Halloween style, with Barry the Spider and Boris in pride of place.


Pool, Xbox, Twister and Kerplunk! were just a few of the fun activities that students enjoyed. With scary movies, scary costumes and some scary dancing, especially by Mrs Packer, it was a great event!


Special thanks to Olivia for her marvellous face painting, all proceeds from which are being donated to her trip to Malawi in 2016. 

World Mental Health Week


As part of World Mental Health Week, CACHE, Psychology and HSC students visited Bournemouth University for a series of lectures, focusing on how employers are tackling mental health stigma as well as the work and support provided by the Time to Change Campaign. We also heard from life Education Wessex on child mental health issues and found this presentation particularly insightful.

Over the course of two days, we listened to a variety of presentations from organisations, politicians and inspirational people with personal stories of battles and triumphs over mental health issues.

It was a powerful and thought provoking event.

Induction Trip

We started 2015 with some fun; getting to know new students and staff; making new friends and visiting new places.Thorpe Park was first on our destination list and the sun shone upon us, making the day all the more enjoyable. From the thrill of Stealth and Nemesis Inferno to the buss of Saw, Rush and Colossus, everyone had a great time.


Warner Bros. Studios were next, where we entered the fascinating magical world of Harry Potter. We learnt to duel, walked along Hogwarts Wooden Bridge and took a ride on the Hogwarts Express via Platform 9 3/4. Butterbeer and chocolate frogs kept us happy as we explored Diagon Allet, flew in Mr Weasley's Ford Anglia and discovered the animatronic secrets of Dobby, Hagrid and Hedwig


London Trip

On 16 September, we attended the University of London Undergraduate Fair, at Senate House in London. During this event, we attended a variety of talks on different topics, including Studying in London, Biomedicine and English, to name but a few.Students met with University students and advisers who offered some great information and insight into studying in London.

Attending this event gave me a better understanding of the different year courses you can take, like 3 years with a masters, or 4 years study.Curtis, y13 student


This day was helpful for me to explore a broader range of options available to me.

Summer, y12 student

In the afternoon, we attended the Matinee performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Royal Theatre, Drury Lane in the West End, followed by some shopping time in Covent garden. It was a great, albeit, very rainy, day!


 International Guests

On Monday 23 March, 26 students from Japan were given a warm welcome into Sixth Form as they enrolled for the week to work alongside our students for the week, making firm friends with our students, friendships that continue to this date via the wonders of social media.


Our guests learnt a great deal about the British culture during their time here but they also provided our students with an introduction to Japanese culture, teaching origami, Japanese writing and how to speak basic Japanese. it was a wonderful experience for all involved:



When we did the workshops, it was fun; it stripped away the awkwardness of the language barrier and enabled us to just have fun with each other. It was a growing experience
Tia, Yr12