Art & Design

In year 9 students focus on 2 areas of Art & Design, undertaking projects in their chosen specialist areas of the subjects, each for a term.  In the 3rd term they will again opt for their preferred area of Art and Design and will begin a course with a view to carrying it on for GCSE in years 10 & 11.
The 3 specialist pathways of Art and Design that can be followed are Textiles, Graphic product and Resistant Materials. Whilst the materials will be different, the focus for each will be the same:

Term 1:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Specific elements of the design process including  understanding a Design Brief,  producing a specification, producing design ideas, developing ideas and making their chosen design
  • Carrying out product analysis, investigating what determines a successful product.
  • Undertaking research to enable them to produce effective design ideas
  • Learning to measure and work accurately draw accurately
  • Being able to use  tools correctly to cut accurately
  • Producing an effective outcome

Term 2:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Developing measuring skills
  • Producing suitable and relevant design ideas
  • Using tools and equipment with increased accuracy
  • Learning how to join materials  together accurately
  • Developing a range of techniques using different tools and equipment
  • Using CAD/CAM to develop work
  • Developing designing skills
  • Evaluating work to suggest improvements or changes

Term 3:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Selecting preferred materials for producing products
  • Investigating a design brief to develop a final product
  • Applying knowledge and skills gained to research, produce ideas and realise their final product
  • Refining practical skills to work with more accuracy
  • Evaluating all work as it develops

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