Autumn Term 1: 

Drawing, reading and interpreting a variety of graphs and charts to include:

  • Pictogram (F)
  • Bar Chart (F)
  • Scatter Graph (F,H)
  • Stem and Leaf (F,H)
  • Frequency Polygon (F,H)
  • Pie Chart (F,H)
  • Draw the Line of Best fit on a Scatter Graph (F,H)
  • Complete a Cumulative Frequency Table (H)
  • Draw a Box and Whisker Plot (H)
  • Draw a Histogram (H)

Autumn Term 2:

Averages to include:

  • Complete a tally chart (F)
  • Find the mean, median, mode and range of a data set (F)
  • Design and complete a Two Way (F,H)
  • Questionnaires (F,H)
  • Calculate the mean, median from grouped data (F,H)
  • Calculate the moving average of data (H)
  • Use Stratified Sampling (H)

Spring Term 1:

Probability to include:

  • Use language associated with probability (F)
  • Write down the theoretical probability of an event (F)
  • Write down the relative frequency of an event (F,H)
  • To know that the probabilities of mutually exclusive events add up to 1 (F,H)
  • List outcomes of events (F,H)To indentify a probability from a two way table (F,H)
  • Use relative frequency to predict outcomes (F,H)
  • Tree diagrams for independent events and independent events (H)
  • Linear Graphs to include:
  • Use a conversion graph (F)
  • Use y=mx+c to identify the gradient and y intercept (F,H)
  • Find the gradient of a straight line (F,H)

Spring Term 2:  

Developing students' knowledge and  understanding of Number to include:

  •  Ratio
  •  Simplify a ratio  (F)
  •  Divide amounts into ratios   (F,H)
  •  Solve ratio problems using the unitary method  (F,H)
  •  Integers
  •  Four operations integer numbers   (F)
  •  Round to the nearest 10,100,1000   (F)
  •  Round to a given significant figure   (F,H)
  •  Estimate answers to problems   (F)
  •  Fractions
  •  Simplify a fraction and Order fractions by finding a common denominator  (F)
  •  Write an improper fraction as a mixed number   (F)
  •  Add and subtract fractions   (F,H)
  •   Percentages
  •  Calculate the percentage of an amount   (F)
  •  Use a multiplier for successive percentage change   (F,H)
  •  Calculate simple interest   (F,H)
  •  Calculate compound interest   (H)

Summer Term 1: 

 Further Development of  students' knowledge and  understanding of Number to include:

  •  Fractions
  •  Write a fraction in its simplest form   (F)
  •  Convert Fractions to decimals   (F)
  •  Order Fractions by writing them over a common denominator   (F)
  •  Multiply/Divide Fractions   (F,H)
  •  Add/Subtract Fractions   (F,H)
  •  Convert a recurring decimal to a fraction (F,H)
  •  Integers
  •  To find the square root of a number   (F)
  •  Find a factor of a number   (F)
  •  Find the HCF/ LCM of a number   (F,H)
  •  Prime factor decomposition of a number   (F,H)
  •  Use Index form to evaluate a number   (F,H)
  •  Write numbers in standard index form and perform calculations   (H)
  •  Use Negative Indices   (H)

 Summer Term 2: 

 Developing students' knowledge and  understanding of Algebra and Number to include:

  •  Algebra
  •  Collect like terms   (F)
  •  Generate an algebraic formula (F,H)
  •  Substitute values into formula   (F)
  •  Substitute values into formula involving powers    (F,H)
  •  Multiply out a single bracket   (F,H)
  •  Expand Double Brackets  (F,H)
  •  Factorise an Algebraic Expression   (F,H)
  •  Simplify Expressions    (H)
  •  Substitute negatives into Formula   (H)
  •  Number
  •  Convert between FDP  (F)
  •  Use the unitary method to solve ratio problems   (F,H)
  •  Write a number as a percentage of another number   (F)
  •  Calculate Percentage Increase and Decrease   (F,H)
  •  Use a multiplier to calculate percentage increase/decrease   (F,H)
  •  Find the nth term of a sequence   (F,H)
  •  Linear Graphs
  •  Draw a linear graph  (H)
  •  Interpret m and c in the equation y=mx+c   (H)
  •  Calculate the gradient of perpendicular lines   (H)
  •  Write an expression in the form a√b   (H)
  •  Factorise Quadratics   (H)
  •  Rationalise the Denominator   (H)
  •  Simplify Algebraic Fractions   (H)