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Autumn Term 1: Your child will be studying and focusing on:

Students gain an understanding of the basic improvisation skills. They will study the principles of improvisation to underpin and develop their knowledge of new drama skills. This unit extends students skills by exploring new techniques through workshops. Students will produce a piece of polished improvisation to demonstrate their understanding of techniques learnt.

Autumn Term 2: Your child will be studying and focusing on:


This unit explores the Pantomime genre. Students gain an understanding of stock characters, the essential ingredients of Pantomime and the theatrical conventions associated with it. The unit requires students to learn a Pantomime script and they are required to learn their lines. The teacher may allow the class to work in groups or may like to develop a whole class piece. Students will also explore various technical elements and some students may like to develop their skills in production jobs including; costume, lighting set and props.


Spring Term 1: Your child will be studying and focusing on:

The Demon Headmaster

Students explore the text ‘The Demon Headmaster’ through role play, creative writing and speaking and listening skills. They develop skills in Drama which can be used to explore a character, such as still images, thought tracking, empathy and hotseating. Students will engage in group work and create a group performance, using all skills used in the unit.

Spring Term 2:  Your child will be studying and focusing on:


This unit explores scripted plays.  Students will gain an understanding of key skills and techniques of drama including the use of voice, movement, gesture, expression, timing, line learning, character development and staying in role. They will also have developed their understanding of performing a scripted piece rather than a devised or improvised piece.The skills being developed will create a strong foundation for students in other genres of drama.

Summer Term 1:  Your child will be studying and focusing on:

Reality TV

Students explore the theme ‘Reality TV’ and develop their understanding of a range of techniques including; hotseating, character development and teacher in role.  They will analyse Reality TV and gain an understanding of its purpose and why audiences engage with such programmes. Students will evaluate drama techniques within the TV shows and produce their own piece of ‘Reality’ theatre. 

Summer Term 2:  Your child will be studying and focusing on:


This unit explores Radio; students gain an understanding of the content of a Radio show and develop their use of voice. They will take on roles within their groups and work together to write a Radio script. They will think about sound and the different ways in which it can be used. Over the course of the unit students will be completing several tasks to develop their knowledge of the roles and key components in Radio.

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