Art & Design

In year 8 students have the opportunity to work on  STEM projects.  STEM ,  an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths allows to the collaboration of these subjects to facilitate the development of practical projects

Students will be given a design brief to make a product for a specified customer and access all elements of the design process by the  links with other subject areas.
They will be encouraged to take ownership of their work, undertaking investigations, research, design tasks and making.

STEM project 1:

Desk tidy project:

All the subje3cts will link together and focus on the investigation, research, designing and manufacturing of a desk tidy

Art and design:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Producing a range of design ideas
  • Using CAD/ CAM to produce ideas and manufacture products
  • Modelling, analysing and evaluating design ideas
  • Using different tools and equipment to manufacture chosen idea.

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Measuring materials accurately for the desk tidy
  • Working out material and manufacturing costing
  • Collecting data from research

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Investigating different materials
  • Identifying material properties
  • Testing materials and their suitability for function

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Investigating and analysing similar products
  • Undertaking research
  • Producing design specifications
  • Producing detailed plans of how to manufacture their product
  • Evaluating their work

Throughout the year the students will use a variety of  materials, techniques and processes, combining science and maths and literacy skills, to produce different products.

Useful Art & Design websites:

www.technologystudent.com/"student.com www.technologystudent.com
www.designandtech.com     www.designandtech.com

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