Autumn Term 1:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • A range of baseline and initial assessment activities.
  • An introduction to health and safety during practical work in a Science laboratory.
  • Completing an ‘Introductory Module’ which consists of Biology, Chemistry and Physics fundamentals in order to build a strong foundation for Science.
  • Reviewing their experiences in Year 7 so far.

Autumn Term 2:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • The Earth in space, our solar system and other celestial objects in the universe.
  • Researching how ideas about the history of the universe have changed over time.
  • Developing investigative skills.
  • Developing data analysis and mathematical skills through practical work and application of scientific theories such as gravity.
  • Exploring hypotheses of the formation of the universe.
  • Investigating how light travels through space and how we are able to observe the universe.
  • Experimenting with light and completing practical work on how changing the speed of light affects its behaviour.
  • Developing ideas about what causes light to change colour and how are we able to see light radiation.

Spring Term 1:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Developing students' planning, implementation and evaluation of practical work through completing a ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ Project.
  • Increasing student’s knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the application of chemistry through an introductory Forensic Science course.
  • Practicing how to use a range of Scientific equipment, including chromatography kits, agar dishes and light microscopes in order to analyse a variety of evidence.
  • Exploring the anatomy and physiology of the human digestive system to detect and locate harmful substances during the investigation of a poisoning.

Spring Term 2:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • The ‘Castaway Project’, which follows the theme that students are stranded on a tropical island and must apply the appropriate scientific knowledge in order to survive.
  • Applying techniques in order to obtain clean drinking water, including filtration and distillation.
  • Investigating combustion and under what conditions are they best able to apply this information and start a fire.
  • Understanding what is required to avoid malnutrition and knowing what foods should be eaten in order to maximise health.

Summer Term 1:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • A scheme of work, which extends the ‘Castaway Project’ and has students applying Scientific information in order to build an effective shelter for themselves in their new habitat.
  • Studying and applying ideas about conduction, convection and radiation in order to design an appropriate shelter.
  • Looking at electromagnetic induction and how this could be used to provide electricity for their new habitat.
  • Developing cooperation and team working skills by working together to build a shelter in the gardens.

Summer Term 2:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Revising the scientific content, knowledge and understanding covered in Year 7
  • Consolidating the skills learned in Year 7
  • Sitting an end of Year 7 assessment
  • Completing intervention based on the end of Year 7 assessment

Science important dates:

Autumn term 2 – Y7 trip to Intech Science Museum in Winchester

Science useful websites:


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