Autumn Term 1: 

  • Introductory work on Integers, Powers and Roots, with focus upon factors, common factors, highest common factors of numbers, multiples, common multiples and lowest common multiples of numbers.
  • Sequences, Functions and Graphs; Looking at how numbers work in sequences with term to term and position to term/nth term analysis.
  • Shape and Angle work with analysis on shapes and angles given and further development in terms of constructing own shapes and angles.

Autumn Term 2: 

  • Probability: Working with probability scenarios and understanding the importance of experimental and theoretical probability.
  • Ratio and Proportion investigations
  • Algebra study with Equations, Formulae, Identities and Expressions - looking primarily into what letter symbols represent in expressions and substitution of integers into equations. 

Spring Term 1:

  • Mensuration and Measures study, concerning developing studies on area and perimeter of a range of shapes.
  • The second Sequences, Functions and Graphs topic of study, concentrating upon graphing sequences.
  • Mental calculations and checking, with a specific focus on methods chosen to calculate and/or solve set sums and problems. 

Spring Term 2:

  • Transformations and co-ordinates study, looking into different transformations of shapes primarily and how they work.
  • Interpreting and discussing results with specific focus given to Data Handling methods of collecting and displaying results.
  • A second Equations, Formulae, Identities and Expressions study with further work upon equations and the importance of substitution outlined.

Summer Term 1:

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, concerning a wide range of topics including finding percentages of amounts, decimal and fraction equivalents and working with fractions and four operations.
  • A second Measures and Mensuration study concerning measures in everyday contexts and exploration of volume.
  • Calculations and checking; looking into written and mental methods and how to work with set scenarios efficiently. 

Summer Term 2:

  • Co-ordinates and Construction: Students will be studying and completing problems involving co-ordinate measurements across all four quadrants, with shape creation a key focus. 
  • Geometrical Reasoning and Mensuration; this year 8 preparation unit will cover work on 2D and 3D shapes and primarily, will explore surface area.

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