Art & Design

During their Art and Design lesson the students will have the opportunity to work with a range of different materials, tools and equipment. Over the year they will undertake three projects working in the different specialist areas of Art and Design, to follow the design process and design and make products. Specialist subjects will be linked together to enable more holistic projects to be completed.

Catering and Graphics:  

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

Producing food products and their packaging

  • Looking at diverse world diets
  • Developing basic catering skills
  • Planning and making a variety of food dishes
  • Evaluating work
  • Analysing food packaging to identify materials used and information included
  • Producing nets
  • Producing the graphics to to on the packaging
  • Recognising the differences between 2D and 3D drawings and why used
  • Exploring drawing methods including Oblique  and Isometric
  • Creating a coloured presentation drawing

Art and Textiles:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Investigating and researching different artist
  • Developing observational drawing skills
  • Using different media to produce observational studies
  • Using the chosen artist  to produce ideas
  • Experimenting with textile techniques and equipment
  • Using equipment correctly and accurately
  • Developing ideas to produce a final outcome

Resistant materials and Systems and control:

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Understanding  the principals of input, process and output
  • Exploring mechanical  and electrical  systems
  • Producing design ideas
  • Using CAD/CAM to prepare materials
  • Understanding the properties of different materials
  • Working with specific tools and equipment safely and accurately
  • Developing design ideas
  • Analysing and evaluating work as it develops

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