GCSE Textiles

Teacher: Mrs Hart

The GCSE Textiles course is made up of a controlled assessment worth 60% of their final grade and an exam worth the remaining 40%.

The course runs over two years with the first year focussing on gaining knowledge and developing textile skills and applying them to projects in preparation for the controlled assessment and exam in yr 11.

Autumn term 1: Development of knowledge and skills

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Gaining knowledge in fabric properties and their suitability for different functions.
  • Understanding the requirements of all aspects of the design process
  • Learning how to use specialist equipment correctly and accurately
  • Learning a range of decoration and embellishment techniques

Autumn term 2: Inspirational interiors

Your child will studying and focusing on:

  • Gaining knowledge on methods of construction and components
  • Researching into their design brief and the requirements of their 'Decade bag project'
  • Developing ideas and identifying problems and  suggesting improvements
  • Producing prototypes to analyse and evaluate the suitability of their design
  • Applying the design process to produce a soft furnishing product
  • Manufacturing a product based on a chosen design

Spring term 1:  Door stop

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Finishing processes, including dyeing, printing, decoration and enhancement
  • Experimenting with surface decoration techniques
  • Constructing a product using appropriate techniques

Spring term 2: Industrial practices

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Gaining knowledge in processes and manufacture
  • The use of CAD/CAM in the textile industry
  • Different types of production systems
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Creating different types of production lines to produce products

Summer term 1 : Social, moral, cultural and environmental influences in the world of textiles.

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Design and market influences
  • Product analysis
  • Social, Cultural, Moral, Health and
  • Safety and Environment Issues
  • Environmental effects: the disposal of chemicals used to manufacture products

Summer term 2: Development of a garment

Your child will be studying and focusing on:

  • Developing designing skills
  • Creating design specifications
  • Selecting suitable fabrics and components
  • Producing product specifications
  • Producing manufacturing specifications
  • Using industrial patterns
  • Construction of a product

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