BTEC Applied Science

Your child’s BTEC Applied Science teacher:  Mr A Gallacher

Autumn Term 1:

  • Explore cells, organs and genes
  • Explore the roles of the nervous and endocrine systems in homeostasis and communication
  • Explore atomic structure and the periodic table
  • Explore substances and chemical reactions

Autumn Term 2:

  • Explore the importance of energy stores, energy transfers and energy transformations
  • Section F - explore the properties and applications of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Unit 1 External assessment
  • Investigate chemical reactivity and bonding

Spring Term 1:

  • Investigate how the uses of chemical substances depend on their chemical and physical properties
  • Investigate the factors involved in the rate of chemical reactions

Spring Term 2:

  • Understand the factors that are affecting the Earth and its environment.

Summer Term 1:

  • Understand ionising radiation, its uses and sources
  • Know how electrical energy produced from different sources can be transferred through the National Grid to homes and industry

Summer Term 2:

  • Know the components of the Solar System, the way the Universe is changing and the methods we use to explore space.

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Applied Science important dates:

4th November 2014– Unit 1 External Assessment

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