Double Science

Autumn Term 1:

Your child will be studying and focusing on: Keeping Healthy and Material Choices

  • How do our bodies resist infection?
  • What are vaccines and antibiotics and how do they work?
  • What factors increase the risk of heart disease?
  • How do our bodies keep a healthy water balance?
  • How do we measure the properties of materials and why are the results useful?
  • Why is crude oil important as a source of new materials such as plastics and fibres?
  • Why does it help to know about the molecular structure of materials such as plastics and fibres?
  • What is nanotechnology and why is it important?

Autumn Term 2:

Your child will be studying and focusing on: Data Analysis and Radiation and Life

  • Interpreting and evaluating their own first-hand data and is designed as a stepping stone towards the wider range of skills required to carry out an independent, complete investigation
  • What types of electromagnetic radiation are there? What happens when radiation hits an object?
  • Which types of electromagnetic radiation harm living tissue and why?
  • What is the evidence for global warming, why might it be occurring, and how serious a threat is it?
  • How are electromagnetic waves used in communications?

Spring Term 1:

Your child will be studying and focusing on: Sustainable Energy & A Case Study

  • How much energy do we use?
  • How can electricity be generated?
  • Which energy source should we choose?
  • A case study of a topical issue in science that focuses on evaluating evidence provided or reported by others

Spring Term 2:

Your child will be studying and focusing on: Chemicals in our Lives and Life on Earth

  • What were the origins of minerals in Britain that contribute to our economic wealth?
  • Where does salt come from and why is it so important?
  • Why do we need chemicals such as alkalis and chlorine and how do we make them?
  • What can we do to make our use of chemicals safe and sustainable?

Summer Term 1:

Your child will be revising and preparing for the following Mock exams

  • You and Your Genes
  • Keeping Healthy
  • Life on Earth
  • Air Quality
  • Material Choices
  • Chemicals in our Lives
  • Planet and the Universe
  • Radiation and Life
  • Sustainable Energy

Summer Term 2:

Students will continue to take their GCSE Exams. Your child will then be studying and focusing on: Chemical Patterns and Life Processes:

  • How do chemical reactions take place in living things
  • How do plants make food?
  • How do living organisms obtain energy?

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