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BTEC Performing Arts

Autumn Term :  Your child will be studying and focusing on:

Unit 2 Preparation, Performance and Production; Unit 7  Production skills for performers

In this unit student will learn how to develop a performance piece as a member of a Folio Performing Arts Company. They will take on a specific performing and production role and will prepare for, and produce, a performance by carrying out tasks that are appropriate for the role. As a company they will work together to explore, develop and shape ideas for the performance and perform within the piece. Students will present their work to an audience and plan and prepare the event.  

Spring Term :  Your child will be studying and focusing on:

Unit 1  Individual Showcase

Students will be required to promote themselves effectively, preparing an audition piece as a controlled assessment. They will choose one from a number of progression opportunities and present a piece of work that demonstrates their relevant skills and knowledge; showcasing their strengths within the Performing Arts. Students will write a letter of application in response to a fictional job advertisement and develop their methods of communicating within the audition context. 

Summer Term : Your child will be studying and focusing on:

Unit 3 Acting Skills; Unit 4 Dance Skills

Students will train to develop the skills necessary to be an effective performer. They will revisit and extend their understanding the dance and drama skills and will learn the specific demands that performing makes on the body and mind. They will undertake a programme of regular exercises to help them master the techniques that will enable them to control their voice and body. This unit is about continuing to build their foundations as a performer as well as attending practical classes to develop skills and techniques.

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